When Lochlan and Lex were discharged from the NICU six years ago, we vowed to come back every year on their birthday, so that they would know the medical team that gave them a chance at life. We were able to visit on their first and second birthday, but COVID kept us away for 3, 4 and 5, but we got to go back last week. Watch the Video Here
The twins celebrated (actually our whole tribe celebrated) their 6th birthday and we started the day by visiting the NICU. A few of our favorite nurses/RTs happened to be working as well as several others. All and all we got to see almost 10 of the staff members that cared for our boys. A couple of them had worked nights so I never actual met them, but they remembered our boys.
To put it into perspective, one nurse watched Lex’s heart surgery, one named them, one watched my first hold and all of them spent more time with them than I did at that time. They saw our family in our worst days and celebrated on our best. To say they are special people is not sufficient, they feel like family.
Lochlan showed of his walking, Lex’s hugs were free flowing and there were lots of happy tears. The team kept thanking me for coming and I repeatedly responded with, “it’s an honor.” I mean those words to my core. It’s an absolute privilege and honor to walk two thriving 6-year-olds into the NICU that gave them life.


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