Hi, I'm Savy

I am a painter and storyteller in Tacoma, WA. Six years ago, and when it felt like my art career was finally gaining traction, my twins were born at 24 weeks weighing 1 lb 10 oz each. Everything in my life, including my art, was put on hold so we could navigate a very volatile NICU journey.

After 101 days in the hospital, heart and brain surgeries and countless ups and downs, our twins were discharged which set my life on a brand new trajectory; to spread hope. I now use our story and my art to help bring awareness to birth trauma, the NICU and disability parenting so I can help people going through similar trials feel less alone.

Every sale helps on this site helps fund my Cards of Hope Campaign where I mail art and a hand written letter to any mother of traumatic birth who has requested one.

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"After the twins's birth, it took several years for me to understand that, not only was it okay to grieve, but to also understand that I, in fact, had a right to grieve."


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