Cards of Hope

What is a Card of Hope?
As my way of helping mothers of birth trauma feel less alone, I mail a piece of artwork during the month her birth occurred. When my art arrives, my hope is that she is reminded that she is not alone.

Why did you start Cards of Hope?

There are many contradicting emotions us mothers of traumatic birth have to navigate when the worst day of your life is also the best, the birth of our child. I, and many others, struggle the most as the anniversary of my birth approaches which can make for a very lonely place and, through Cards of Hope, I wish to change this.

What does it cost?

It is free to sign up. That being said, it does cost me money in order to execute this campaign so I use a portion of profits from sales to keep my Cards of Hope campaign going. To help me continue to do this, consider making a purchase on this site (prints start at $6).

Who qualifies for a Card of Hope? 

Any person who feels they had experienced a traumatic birth. I don't need to know anything about it and you don't owe an explanation or justification to anyone including me. I just want to honor your experience and give space to it.

How do I sign up for my own Card of Hope? 

Sign up for a Card of Hope with the submission form
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