Our Kids are Fair Famous!

Our Kids are Fair Famous!

Last autumn, we enjoyed a visit to the Washington State Fair (also known as the Puyallup Fair for some of us). During our time there, a photographer approached us and asked if they could take pictures of our kids for potential marketing purposes. Without much thought, we agreed. Little did we know until last week that our social media feeds and advertisements would be flooded with the adorable faces of Lochlan and Poppy!


Their charming image graces the fair's website, adorned their Daffodil Fair float, and currently towers on a billboard outside. Although we're a tad disappointed Lex didn't make the final selection, we're absolutely delighted that Poppy and Lochlan did. Keep an eye out for these precious faces, and please share any sightings with us. We find it quite thrilling!

Want to see it for yourself? Check it out on the website here (at least through the end of April 2024) https://www.thefair.com/  

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Savy! I caught a glimpse on a banner ad earlier this week. Pure JOY was my first thought, followed by feelings of exuberant love and admiration for the O’Malley family. Big Hugs~Tari

Tari Gordon

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