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Savy Jane, LLC

SOLD - "Sky Solstice I" 16x20" Original Painting

SOLD - "Sky Solstice I" 16x20" Original Painting

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Acrylic on Stretched Canvas

"Sky Solstice I and II, capture the essence of peace amidst the seascapes of the Pacific Northwest, where tranquil blue waters blend harmoniously with the islands in the distance. The artwork portrays the serene beauty that lies within this region, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in a moment of contemplation, tranquility peace.
Through this piece, I aim to evoke a sense of calm and reflection, encouraging viewers to pause amidst their busy lives and reconnect with the profound beauty that exists in the waters of the PNW. By immersing themselves in the painting, I hope to transport them to a place of peace."

*Sales from this piece helps fund the costs associated with sending a Card of Hope to Mother of Traumatic Birth.

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"We, as a whole, are not talking enough about Traumatic Birth and I am on a mission to change that."


Book Coming Soon

Savy first began sharing her family's 101-day NICU story on social media as a way to heal, but something unexpexted happened as she discovered her story becoming a beacon of hope to families going through simlar trials. She has decided to take the next step in sharing her story and is currently in the process of writing a memoir.

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