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Book Coming Soon

In 2017, Savannah Jane O’Malley gave birth to twins Lochlan and Lex at 24-weeks which started their family on the Smallest Fight of their lives. Both boys suffered brain bleeds, had broken hearts and had countless ups and downs, but after 101 days in the NICU both boys came home. Savannah started sharing their unbelievable story on social media as a way to find healing for herself, but she soon found that her story and attitude was helping other families. She has since gained a following of over 450,000 people and is in the process of writing a memoir to give hope to families going through similar trials.

The book titled, The Smallest Fight (coming soon), details Savannah’s intimate moments surrounding the turbulent NICU journey, as well as Savannah’s need to redefine Motherhood for her own survival.