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Savy Jane, LLC

SOLD - "Charlston" 18x24" Original Painting

SOLD - "Charlston" 18x24" Original Painting

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"Charlston" is a soft, but bold original painting part of Hope series. The butterfly is a symbol of incredible change and a reminder to us that great transition, although difficult at times, can result into a beautiful outcome. She dances on hydrangeas and soft green and blue tone reminiscent of a spring garden on bloom.

This piece is from the Hope Series and proceeds its sale helps fund the costs associated with sending a Card of Hope to Mother of Traumatic Birth.

Acrylic on Stretched Canvas

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"We, as a whole, are not talking enough about Traumatic Birth and I am on a mission to change that."


Book Coming Soon

Savy first began sharing her family's 101-day NICU story on social media as a way to heal, but something unexpexted happened as she discovered her story becoming a beacon of hope to families going through simlar trials. She has decided to take the next step in sharing her story and is currently in the process of writing a memoir.

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