"Reckless Hope" is June's Card of Hope

"Reckless Hope" is June's Card of Hope

June marks a milestone for me, I sent the most amount of Cards of Hope ever sent in one month. I sent 36 Cards to 36 different mothers of birth trauma.

When moms sign up, I have an optional area that says, "anything else you would like to share" and almost ever mom writes me a message. Most, share their story. They tell me things like I made them realize their birth trauma or that I made them feel less alone. Every story is completely different. Some mothers had babies over fifty years ago, some had short NICU stays and some babies didn't survive. There is a full spectrum of experiences and I feel so honored that mothers feel safe sharing their story with me.

I love hearing that my story has made another mother feel less alone, but trust me when I say this, your stories make me feel less alone especially as the anniversary of my birth trauma is fast approaching.

I use a portion of the sales from my paintings, prints and cards to fund my Cards of Hope Campaign. Interested in "Reckless Hope" prints? Shop now


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