"Hope's Harmony" February Card of Hope

"Hope's Harmony" February Card of Hope


I am happy to share my newest piece titled, "Hope's Harmony." I wanted it to be a piece full of color with a simple symbol of hope, an elegant understated white butterfly. This original is available for sale as well as prints and 4x6" greeting cards.

This image is available as:

Through my Cards of Hope campaign, prints have of this piece were sent to 18 mothers of birth trauma during the month of February. When collectors buy images of this piece, they help fund Cards of Hope for the following month(s).

Here is, "Hope's Harmony," which served as February's Card of Hope:

"Hope's Harmony"

Original Acrylic on Stretched Canvas
Hand signed by artist 
Painting in 2024

I cannot put into words how much Cards of Hope has meant to me. I continue to be moved by the story's of mother's who have signed up. With her permission, here is a response from a mother who received a Card of Hope in 2023"

"Thank you for this thoughtful gift. Just know you are inspiring to many of us mothers who have been through very traumatic births especially with a NICU baby. There's wounds that will never heal emotionally. I still suffer from PTSD. Thank you for sharing your story."

To shop this new piece and help support my 2024 Cards of Hope campaign, you can Shop Now... 

A little more information on  "Harvesting Hope"

Artist Statement, "In my artwork, a vibrant symphony of bright golds and reds dances across the canvas, weaving a tapestry of hope, light, and love. A lone white butterfly gracefully emerges, symbolizing unwavering faith amidst life's challenges. Encircled by a field of wildflowers, this composition celebrates the resilience and beauty that blossoms in the face of adversity."

This painting served as the image on February 2024 Cards of Hope. Proceeds from all purchases help fund the costs associated with sending a Card of Hope to a mother of traumatic birth who has requested one.




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