"Hope's Garden" - March's Card of Hope

"Hope's Garden" - March's Card of Hope

My newest piece, "Hope's Garden" served as the image for March's Card of Hope. My goal was to have a simple cluster of tulips where the color told the story. Some of the tuplips have vivid magenta highlighting their features. This color is to represent light and hope. This original painting is a available now as well as prints:

  • Print Starting at 8x10"
  • Original 16x20" Acrylic on Canvas and signed by artist



Through the sales of art like this painting, I have been able to send 50 Cards of Hope so far this year to mothers who requested one.



With the permission from this mother, I want to share one example of the messages I receive:

"Thank you for this thoughtful gift. Just know you are inspiring to many of us mothers who have been through very traumatic births especially with a NICU baby. There's wounds that will never heal emotionally. I still suffer from PTSD. Thank you for sharing your story."

To shop this new piece and help support my 2024 Cards of Hope campaign, you can Shop Now... 

A little more information on "Hope's Garden"
Original Acrylic on Stretched Canvas
Hand signed by artist 
Painting in 2024

Artist Statement, "In my portrayal of a bunch of tulips, the vivid red highlights on one bloom symbolize the resilience and beauty found in life's challenges, offering a visual metaphor for hope that persists and can even thrive in adversity."

This painting served as the image on March2024 Cards of Hope. Proceeds from all purchases help fund the costs associated with sending a Card of Hope to a mother of traumatic birth who has requested one.


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