Syre Elementary, My First Mural of the Year

Syre Elementary, My First Mural of the Year

I was honored with the opportunity to adorn Melvin G. Syre Elementary in Shoreline, Washington, with my first mural of the year. Initiated by the PTA's desire to add color to a prominent exterior wall, the quest for a muralist commenced. Serendipitously, my cousin heard about the opportunity and connected me with the PTA. Following a meeting with the school, a mural concept was proposed and they awarded me with the opportunity.

I was excited to get started, but there was one challenge of this design. My proposed design was over 12 feet tall. I knew going into it that I would have to use a lift, but this was my first time using one. Luckily, my husband was happy to help me rent one and, with his help, we got all the tall parts done in one day.

It was important to the school to incorporate nature and bright colors. The painting features the Olympic mountains which can be spotted around Shoreline, tall funky evergreen trees and a large sun with huge sunrays that reach far across the walls. One of the rays measuring over 20 feet. When one drives past the school, the sun rays really draw the eye into the center of the mural. Within the icy blue mountain, is one single orange heart, a reflection of the sun’s color.

Once I had the primer and outline complete, I scheduled a day to help over 400 students paint the mural. It was so fun greeting and guiding class by class to paint the mural. My hope is that they can come back year after year and remember that they were a part of this artwork. There is so much community within this mural and, even though the common viewer may not see that, I know that the students of Syre will.

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Your Amazing. Beautiful work. 😊

Kay Helgath

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