Did you catch me on the Childlife On Call Podcast?

Did you catch me on the Childlife On Call Podcast?

I had the honor of getting interviewed by Katie Taylor on the Child Life On Call Podcast. When I listened to it back, it felt a bit surreal because my message has always been the same about faith and hope, but it wasn't until this moment, right here, right now, that I can full heartedly say that I actually believed it.

I look back now and just think, "wow, I made it."

Katie was an incredibly compassionate, genuine and kind soul which made it easy to share my story (even though I was definitely nervous.) In this podcast I touch on traumatic birth, our NICU trials, my son's life-redirecting diagnoses and how I got through it.

Thank you for taking a listen: 


Podcast Show Notes

On this episode, Savannah shares what it means to have wreck-less hope. Through her traumatic birth, having micro preemie twins and receiving a cerebral palsy diagnosis for one of the twins, Savanah explains how her twins have changed her outlook on life and how she cherishes the little things life has to offer. Savannah opens up about maternal mental health and how it affected her. It is her mission to help other moms experiencing a traumatic brith feel not alone through the gift of artwork and support.

[4:05] Introductions

[4:55] Stories of hope

[6:47] History of pre-term labor

[7:29] Going into labor at 24 weeks gestation

[8:34] Journaling became therapeutic

[11:32]  Finding out both boys had brain bleeds

[13:00] Cerebral Palsy and Hydrocephalus diagnosis

[14:45] Leaning on each other and family and friends

[17:00] The answers to the hard questions

[20:00] The shift of worry

[22:30] Charm and Wit of Lochlan

[25:29] Staying in the present

[27:05 The strength within came from

[30:30] Cards of hope for mothers who experienced a traumatic birth

[31:27] Survival mode

[36:00] Caregivers needs the proper help

[40:21] Beads of Courage

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